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Innovations & Development
  We believe in a constant strive to innovate & develop the Prefill syringe system & various components for your better handling.
  Rigid Needle Sheild (RNS)
  • It ensure a superior, easier and safer handling while de-sheilding.
  • This is the safety device which is advantageous over conventional soft elastic needle sheild for preventing needle stick injuries & needle point damage.
  Back Stop (Finger Grip)

The finger grip is an additional facility that has almost become a necessity for Prefillable syinges. This broadens the flange to ensure easy handling & rules out inadvertent removal of the plunger stopper (Especially during reconstitution phase). Recommended for high viscous drugs.


Contact us to know more about our development on:

  1. Thinner Neeedles
  2. Rigid Caps
  3. Painless Needles for optimum point resistence
  4. 10 X 16 barrel nest configurations